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Stoicism today

Of what relevance is Stoicism to people today? To answer that we answer the question with at least a modicum of coherence, let’s first define our key terms. Stoicism: The ethical paradigm propounded by Zeno and his successors. (There’s a lot … Continue reading

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Lottery losers, raffle winners

Do you like money? Then don’t buy a lottery ticket. The total winnings will fall short of the total revenue from ticket sales (they must–otherwise, how could the government make money from the lottery?), which means buyers as a group … Continue reading

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Rain in Minneapolis

You think it’ll rain tomorrow in Minneapolis, and I don’t. We thus have a disagreement. Moreover, this is a special kind of disagreement–it’s quite easy to find the answer conclusively: All we have to do is wait a day, and … Continue reading

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Frank and Wanda, sunk costs and punishment

Consider my friends Frank and Wanda. Frank’s a frugal fellow. Wanda, on the other hand, is wasteful. Understandably, Frank and Wanda do not get along well. As their mutual friend, I decided to take them both to dinner to see … Continue reading

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All the same to you

Somewhere on the road of life, Yvette and Zereen have come to a fork. Should they go left or right? Yvette is indifferent between the two, but Zereen would prefer to go left. Left it is! Obvious, right? Let’s look … Continue reading

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Galactic scales

According to what I found on Wolfram Alpha… Earth and Venus (our nearest planetary neighbor) don’t get much less than 0.3 AU apart. In kilometers, that’s 45 million. Earth’s diameter is 12,735 kilometers, so the ratio of that distance to Earth’s diameter … Continue reading

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A long line of successful procreators

You come from a long line of successful procreators. Your ancestors were mainly great at one thing: becoming ancestors, i.e. living long enough to mate. Sure, they had other skills. They may have been good at pottery, fishing, stargazing, geomancy, … Continue reading

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