Triumphant return

I’m finally back from my vacation. I spent some time in the old country, and then moved on to one I’d never visited before (in Scandinavia).

I realized something about myself on this trip. I don’t actually like museums! For some reason, on previous trips as a tourist I’d always felt the need to visit museums–the more, the better. It felt like the real way to experience a place.

This is no longer my view, and this change has felt like a load off my back. Walking around unfamiliar cities and slowly getting to know the place were far more enjoyable than I expect any of the local museums would have been.

Maybe that’s because of the quality of the local museums, of course. There were none that I’d previously heard of, and I was totally unfamiliar with the history of the area.

Another drawback to museums is that they don’t provide much added value beyond jsut seeing pictures of the stuff on the Web. But somehow, lakes and forests aren’t as photogenic. As beautiful as they are in pictures, they’re far better in person.

Again, though, maybe a “museum person” or an architecture buff would disagree.

In any case, it’s great to be back!

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