Size and freedom

I know this is old news, but…

So, the latest rankings of countries by economic freedom have come out, and it looks like the US has dropped a bit. Based on 2009 data, the US has gone from sixth place to tenth.

That’s bad news, of course, but look at the other top scorers: Hong Kong, Singapore…Mauritius?! These places are tiny! In fact, the population of the US is about twice a large as the population of the top nine countries’ combined!

Is it easier to administrate an economically free zone if it’s minute, and if so, why?

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2 Responses to Size and freedom

  1. Smaller populations are always more easily governed. In fact, communism would actually work in ideally a small group (think Amish people). With a smaller area to govern, less businesses and people means less government oversight and people can do what they want without many limitations, leading to people who have good economic practices and invest there money, leading to prosperity for the whole nation. Also, in small populations there is less diversity of ideas,so laws and regulations that support prosperity will be passed more easily without conflict.

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