Shopping on a national holiday

Today is the biggest national holiday around here, and I celebrated by going shopping with a friend. She was looking for a new phone–preferably a smartphone.

Naturally, we went to the phone district. Dozens of shops were decked out in inflated dragons, balloons, and posters, and several had announcers with megaphones to coax passers-by to stop in and have a look.

But it didn’t stop at the thresholds to the shops! We were in one of the shops when I looked up and saw, marching right past me, a troupe of six models, dressed in white and holding phones delicately. No smiling. No sternness, either; a little bored, perhaps. They did two laps around the store, and then went back outside, where they stood in a loose formation. No one paid the slightest attention to them, except perhaps to get out of their way.

So, that was kinda weird. I hadn’t seen that before. But then in came a different troupe: two women wearing bunny ears, eight women in berets, three people in gray…rabbit costumes, and five people in teddy bear suits. We did not buy a phone there.

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