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The limits to libertarianism

Libertarians come in many stripes. You’ve got your Objectivists, gun-toters, hippies, Nozickians, anarcho-capitalists, and so many more. The above tend to base their libertarianism on some foundational principle, such as natural rights. But consider two other strains: Constitutionalists and economist-types. … Continue reading

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Stoicism today

Of what relevance is Stoicism to people today? To answer that we answer the¬†question with at least a modicum of coherence, let’s first define our key terms. Stoicism: The ethical paradigm propounded by Zeno and his successors. (There’s a lot … Continue reading

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Lottery losers, raffle winners

Do you like money? Then don’t buy a lottery ticket. The total winnings will fall short of the total revenue from ticket sales (they must–otherwise, how could the government make money from the lottery?), which means buyers as a group … Continue reading

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Rain in Minneapolis

You think it’ll rain tomorrow in Minneapolis, and I don’t. We thus have a disagreement. Moreover, this is a special kind of disagreement–it’s quite easy to find the answer conclusively: All we have to do is wait a day, and … Continue reading

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A long line of successful procreators

You come from a long line of successful procreators. Your ancestors were mainly great at one thing: becoming ancestors, i.e. living long enough to mate. Sure, they had other skills. They may have been good at pottery, fishing, stargazing, geomancy, … Continue reading

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