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Size and freedom

I know this is old news, but… So, the latest rankings of countries by economic freedom┬áhave come out, and it looks like the US has dropped a bit. Based on 2009 data, the US has gone from sixth place to … Continue reading

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Bring the boys back home

Michele Bachmann has agreed to do various things to entrench in legislation the conservative vision of family. In particular, in July she signed this pledge, a copy of which has so helpfully obtained. What strikes me about it is … Continue reading

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Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly…

When Mubarak jammed Egyptian citizens’ phones to prevent them from protesting, Western commentators condemned it. When the Chinese government does the same to silence its critics in Xinjiang or elsewhere, Western commentators condemn it as well. And condemn it they … Continue reading

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The limits to libertarianism

Libertarians come in many stripes. You’ve got your Objectivists, gun-toters, hippies, Nozickians, anarcho-capitalists, and so many more. The above tend to base their libertarianism on some foundational principle, such as natural rights. But consider two other strains: Constitutionalists and economist-types. … Continue reading

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Human heroes

I’ve never really had a hero. I admire a great many famous historical figures (Churchill, Lincoln, and the rest), but everyone has feet of clay; these people are too flawed to be heroes, aren’t they? One problem is that almost … Continue reading

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